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Dogs for the Disabled are #PoweredByBurns

We were lucky enough to be chosen as Burns’ Irish Charity of the Year and will receive free food, financial assistance and joint promotion for the year of 2018.

Below you will discover more about Burns Pet Nutrition and what they offer.


Natural Pet Food Since 1993

Burns Pet Nutrition has been championing the benefits of feeding a natural, healthy diet since 1993. Led by Veterinary Surgeon, John Burns, the business specialises in award-winning pet food for cats, dogs and rabbits.
Burns products are designed to avoid many of the common health problems seen in pets by championing natural nutrition. To this end, all products are natural, hypoallergenic and free from artificial chemicals and preservatives.


Free Pet Nutrition Advice, 5 Days a Week

All Burns customers are invited to take advantage of the company’s free pet nutrition advice service via Freephone, email or LiveChat. Burns’ team of professional nutritionists have over 50 years of experience between them and can offer unbiased pet nutrition advice, 5 days a week.

Burns’ unique advice service is backed up by a huge range of supporting literature written by business owner and Veterinary Surgeon, John Burns. Whether customers want to understand more about pet nutrition or caring for a new puppy, Burns offer over 20 topical advice leaflets which are available either digitally (http://www.burnspet.co.uk) or via freepost.


Giving Back One Bag of Pet Food at a Time

Burns is committed to serving the local and wider community and as such a large proportion of company profit is used to help the greater good. The business has its own in-house charity, The Burns Pet Nutrition Foundation which is run by a team of 6 and aims to improve the lives of people and pets across the UK.


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Visit the Burns Pet Nutrition Website at http://www.burnspet.co.uk to check out their amazing products!