Why Sponsor a Puppy?

Simply put, Sponsoring a Puppy equates to changing lives! Without Puppy Sponsorship it is very difficult for us to meet the big demand for our Dog Partnerships. It takes over a year and approximately €15,000 to train one of our Assistance Dogs so your sponsorships are hugely important to us.

Jennifer Dowler, CEO & Founder of Dogs for the Disabled


What your Money is Spent On?

Meet Juliana, another inspirational young child that is already defying all the odds by walking! Her family have been puppy socialising Jason for the last 14 months for another child and Juliana took her first steps holding onto Jason’s collar! She just oozes with confidence around dogs. Juliana is on our waiting list for her own assistance dog.

This is a video of Ceri and her assistance dog, George. This was taken back in November 2016 when she first got her dog and the next video is from about 3 months later and the difference in Ceri’s walking is just huge.