Our Story Told Through Lego!

Our Story Told Through Lego!


Stage 1 – Birth-8 weeks


Let us introduce the Lego version of our assistance pup Jay!  To help us tell the story of our assistance dog training programme we are also introducing the Lego version of a family on our waiting list for one of our amazing dogs.  Sophie O’Connor has seen some photos of Jay already and she’s desperately hoping they’ll be a match…only time will tell.


In this stage of the training programme our puppies are getting used to different sensory experiences to prepare them for the rest of their training journey.  Sensory CDs are played while they are feeding (to get them accustomed to noises such as sirens, music playing etc.).  Puppies are also introduced to different floor surfaces beneath their feet, as you’ll see our Lego version of our puppy Jay has also been doing this week!




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