30 03, 2016

Jay’s DogBlog Stage 5

Tailored Training I'm still so excited that I've met the half-size human I'm going to be living with! Did I tell you her name is Sophie? The people who have been teaching me all the new things told me today that I've got lots of new things to learn now so that I'll be ready

22 03, 2016

Jay’s DogBlog stage 4

Client Matching Process This week I had to say goodbye to my hairy human Bob and now I don't live with him any more in the place with all the grass. I feel quite sad about this because Bob and I had lots and lots of fun together and I think he was quite sad

15 03, 2016

Jay’s DogBlog Stage 3

18 months + (Shelton Abbey Prison Programme) I've been on the move again and now I have a new home and a new human looking after me! I'm not sure what the new place I'm living in is called just yet but there are lots and lots of other people living here too and all of

8 03, 2016

Jay’s DogBlog Stage 2

8 weeks - 18 months I've got a new place to live now and a whole new family! I heard these humans say that they're puppy socialisers. I'm a bit wary of what that means but so far it's all good and I get lots of cuddles and snuggles from everyone. One of these humans

4 03, 2016

Our Story Told Through Lego!

Stage 1 - Birth-8 weeks Let us introduce the Lego version of our assistance pup Jay!  To help us tell the story of our assistance dog training programme we are also introducing the Lego version of a family on our waiting list for one of our amazing dogs.  Sophie O'Connor has seen some photos of

1 03, 2016

Jay’s Dogblog

Stage 1 (birth- 8 weeks old) - I worked out how to open my eyes and I couldn’t believe what I saw! Can you believe I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters? We all live with my mummy and a family of humans. The humans are quite big and hairy but their hair doesn’t seem

21 01, 2016

Worth the Wait: Luke and Aidan

While the waiting list for an assistance dog from Irish Dogs for the Disabled is daunting to many potential applicants, Luke's mum Pauline brilliantly described on our Facebook page back in August why it is worth the wait and how assistance dog Aidan has changed her son's life: We are heading into the end of

21 01, 2016

Tesco Community Fund Ballincollig

Tesco Ballincollig have chosen Irish Dogs for the Disabled for the Tesco Community Fund for the next 8 weeks. Please come and support the charity by shopping in Tesco Ballincollig between 20 January and 20 March. Put your blue Community Fund token in the Irish Dogs for the Disabled tube at the exit to help

7 01, 2016

Cian and Fudge in the Evening Echo

The Evening Echo has a wonderful profile of Cian and his Assistance Dog, Fudge: Boy's best friend, Cian and Fudge are great double act thanks to Cork charity. Cian Hennessey is 7 and has spina bifida, hydrocephalus and scoliosis, and is a wheelchair user. Four years ago, his family applied to Irish Dogs for the Disabled

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