Tailored Training

I’m still so excited that I’ve met the half-size human I’m going to be living with! Did I tell you her name is Sophie? The people who have been teaching me all the new things told me today that I’ve got lots of new things to learn now so that I’ll be ready to help Sophie in a few months. Sophie goes to school every day so I need to be well-behaved around lots of half-size humans and I need to be careful not to sniff or lick them if they don’t want to be sniffed or licked. I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t want to be sniffed or licked though? What’s not to like?

I heard them say that Sophie likes to go to the library lots and read books so I’ll need to be a very quiet doggy sometimes so that Sophie doesn’t get into trouble. Sophie has another half-size human who lives in her house so I’ll have lots of people to play with me.

They told me as well that Sophie lives in a place called a city. I don’t know what a city is or if I’ve been to one before but it means that I need to be ok around lots of noise and traffic. I tried to tell them not to worry because I don’t mind lots of noise at all but they thought I was just barking at them. Oh well…

I’ve been doing lots of special things this week and have been practising walking on the same side of a person all the time, as that’s what I’ll need to do when I’m with Sophie. I’ve been practising picking things up and putting them in places that Sophie will be able to reach them (as she’s only half size after all). I’m even getting good at pulling off those things that humans wear on their feet without biting them! Everyone cheers when I do that and I feel so proud.