Client Matching Process

This week I had to say goodbye to my hairy human Bob and now I don’t live with him any more in the place with all the grass. I feel quite sad about this because Bob and I had lots and lots of fun together and I think he was quite sad when I had to leave too. He told me that I’ve been his good friend and that I’m leaving to start something very exciting and learn more new things so I can be a special assistance dog!

This week me and all my brothers and sisters are back with the people who take us places in their van. I’m getting lots of attention from them all and they always have a piece of paper and a pen and are putting ticks in boxes and making notes about me. They’ve brought some big humans and some half size humans in to meet me to see who I like to sniff most. I definitely like to sniff the half size humans most because they seem to be the most fun and they give the best cuddles.

One of the people who are teaching me all the new things told me that soon I will be meeting someone who is desperate to get a dog just like me. They are asking her lots of questions just now and putting ticks in boxes about her and what she likes to do and doesn’t like to do so they can decide if we would make a good partnership. I will want to sniff her before I decide anyway, that’s for sure.

I heard them say that I would need to be ok in places where there are lots of half size humans and lots of noise as the person who wants a dog like me goes to school and I would need to go with her! I’m so excited now. A place with lots of half sizers and lots of noise sounds like the best place ever! I really hope she smells ok when I get to sniff her.

They must have ticked all their boxes now because they said today is the big day and I am going to meet a little half size human called Sophie. She has a hairy tail coming out of the back of her head! She has a special chair that she sits in and it has wheels on it so she can move around. She’s pretty fast! I sniffed her a few times and I like the smell of her so I think we can work together. She seemed to like me to so everyone was happy and said ‘IT’S A MATCH!’

Till next week…