8 weeks – 18 months

I’ve got a new place to live now and a whole new family! I heard these humans say that they’re puppy socialisers. I’m a bit wary of what that means but so far it’s all good and I get lots of cuddles and snuggles from everyone. One of these humans is soooo much hairier than the others, and even has hair on part of his face! He doesn’t seem to have hair on the top of his head though like most humans do which is a bit odd. It’s too early to say if that’s a good thing. I heard one of the humans call him ‘Daddy’.

Some of the humans in my new family are little humans and aren’t even half as big as the big ones! The little humans are much more fun to play with and they don’t mind so much when I make a mess, probably because they make lots of mess too.

I’m getting to go out and about on lots of adventures with my humans and I have a very special yellow jacket to wear so that everyone knows I’m in training for a very important job. Everywhere I go, people notice my special jacket and want to talk to me and pat me. I think I must be famous for something, I’m just not sure what yet.

My humans are introducing me to all sorts of strange looking people. I can’t see some of their faces properly because they’ve so much hair and some of them are wearing things on their heads so I can’t see their faces at all! My humans let me go over to the strange people and have a sniff of them if I want. I thought the really hairy ones might smell like dogs but they don’t really. For some reason the humans give me lots of treats after I meet the strange people!

Sometimes I don’t like the look of the new people when I can’t see their faces properly. My humans let me move away if I want to and then I can always go back for another sniff later on and they usually smell a bit better second time around.

We’ve been outside a lot and going for walks in some really noisy places where there’s lots of traffic and people balancing on funny things with two wheels and no roof! I’m not sure what happens to them when it rains.

I’ve been to lots of places where there are half size humans running around really fast and playing with balls. I want to play with the ball too but it probably wouldn’t be fair as I’ve got four legs and the half size humans only have two.

Until next week!