Jay’s Dog Blog stage 6

Jay’s Dog Blog stage 6


Final Week at HQ

The humans have said that I’m almost finished my training and ready to start my very important job as Sophie’s assistance dog. They said that Sophie will be coming to see me today and spending the whole week with me! I don’t know how long a week is but they make it sound like a loooong time. They said that all the things I have learned already need to be tried out with Sophie to make sure I can do everything she needs.

Sophie is here! She’s here, she’s here, she’s here! I’m so excited, I can’t stop sniffing her and licking her. She thinks I’m really funny and keeps giggling. Today we did lots of things together and we tried out doing some walking. I have to walk on her right hand side so that I don’t make her fall over and I have to walk really slowly and stop when she stops. It’s a bit tricky but I think we’re getting better at it.

While Sophie is here I get to live with her so we can spend lots of time together and get used to each other. I even get to sleep in the same room as her and I never slept in the same room as a half-size human before!

We have to practice some of the things I’ll be doing for Sophie every day. Sometimes she can’t get the things she wears over her head and I have to help her so I know how to pull things with my teeth without hurting her. I don’t know why humans have to wear things anyway. If they didn’t wear them then they wouldn’t need to get them off again! It’s the same with those things they wear on their feet. Socks I think they call them. Those are my favourite thing to pull off as I can throw them around afterwards and try to catch them again which really makes Sophie laugh.

Sophie is learning lots of things too about how to look after me. She knows how to brush me and how often I need to get walked. She even knows what I like to eat and my favourite treats!

Now that our training is finished I get to go home with Sophie and walk with her every day. I can’t wait! I think she’s going to be my best friend…



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  1. Kay O Halloran 13th April 2016 at 10:38 am - Reply

    Well done Jay and Sophie a long and happy life together

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